James Elden's Playwright's Spotlight

Playwright's Spotlight with Mark Harvey Levine

October 04, 2022 James Elden/Mark Harvey Levine Season 1 Episode 25
James Elden's Playwright's Spotlight
Playwright's Spotlight with Mark Harvey Levine
Show Notes

In this episode of Playwright's Spotlight, I speak to the master of the 10-minute play - Mark Harvey Levine. With over 1900 productions of his work around the world, Mark offers a plethora of information when it comes this short-form content - from the challenges to the opportunities that come along with it. We discuss structure from exposition to the inciting incident to resolution. We also touch on comedy, plots, and struggles in playwriting and how to build one's confidence as well as payment vs production and his issue with submission fees.  His tidbits on surprising your audience and being specific in the little details is also wonderful advice. As with past interviews, I learned something new. I hope you do the same. Enjoy.  

Mark Harvey Levine has over 100 entries on New Play Exchange and has had over 1900 productions of his short plays nationally and internationally. His plays have won over 45 awards and been produced in more than ten languages. His work has been published in over two dozen anthologies by Applause, Smith & Kraus, Routledge, and Vintage. Full evenings of his ten-minute plays, such as "Cabfare For The Common Man," “Didn’t See That Coming,” and “A Very Special Holiday Special” have been shown around the world, including at the Edinburgh Fringe and in a multi-year tour of Brazil. A Spanish-language film of “The Kiss” (“El Beso”) premiered at Cannes and aired on HBO and DTV (Japan). Two of his plays were adapted for Brazilian television. Other plays include – The Interview, Save Hamlet, Oh, Tannenbaum, Scripted,  and Making It Up as We Go Along. He has taught workshops sponsored by Cary Playwrights’ Forum and teaches playwriting at the Indiana Writer’s Center.

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